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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  March 9, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight. florida -- a 5-year-old girl taken to bed and five hours later she's gone. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little haleigh. last person to see her alive, new stepmother misty croslin who takes to the airwaves claiming she's innocent. in one brief interview she can't keep her story straight including a 180 on a lie detector. she flunked. little haleigh's own father and
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baby sitter turned stepmother both handcuffed, arrested, booked. charged, drug trafficking. bombshell tonight. misty croslin pleads not guilty even after being caught on video admitting to repeated drug sales. tonight we obtain even more secretly recorded jailhouse tapes. croslin complaining about everything from food to the tv and the movies piped into the jail, to her mattress and all of her ailments. she spent nearly $400, $400 in one month alone on snack food. all the time haleigh's been missing, knowing full well the cameras are rolling, croslin finally asks for a photo of haleigh. complaining the police f'd up everything. her relationship. helife. croslin obsessed with news coverage of herself.
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in a stunning twist, we hear croslin admitting she "can't bring haleigh home." as police comb these jailhouse tapes for clues as to the girl's whereabouts. tonight, where is 5-year-old haleigh? >> when i leave here, i'll go by wendy's and get some pictures for you of haleigh and junior. >> i want one of haleigh and junior and one of ronald. >> all right. i'll get them all to you. >> i mean, i still love him, mama. >> huh? >> i still love him. >> i know you do, baby. >> i prayed. that's all i can do. people are saying i don't think about haleigh. you can ask everybody on this cellblock right here. everybody in this block knows i think about her all the time. i talk about herll the time. >> i know.
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>> they still got us right now but we're going to do our time because we're not scared to do our time. we'll do our time and get out and prove to them that we're not these horrible people that they think we are. i'm not no drug dealer. nothing like that. they can kiss my -- 190. >> it's 189. for 27 of them. >> 27 of them? >> yeah. >> okay. >>hey had me and you talking. >> i cry all the time about haleigh. i pray all the time about haleigh. >> i know. >> they can all kiss my ass. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight. misty croslin pleads not guilty even after being caught on video admitting to repeated drug sales. tonight we obtain even more of secretly recorded jailhouse
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tapes. >> it's like, you know, what really hurts is, like, me and him were talking about it. we were getting back together and stuff. and the cops [ bleep ] everything up. >> yeah. that's what they were trying to do. >> i stayed at his house. he picked me up every day. he told me if i didn't love him that the only way to prove i loved him was this tattoo and i got this tattoo. i don't regret it at all. i love my tattoo. >> i think it's gorgeous. i like it. >> i'll never cover it up. rob was my first love of course but ronald was the one. i don't know. there's a picture, mama. i don't know. i think it's in my black bag. it's in new york. it's me in my pink jacket. he was in his black jacket and hat. we were kissing or something. >> i don't know if i've seen it. >> i want to see what he looks like so try to get a good
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picture of him. that's a really good picture. >> i got all my food. oh, my god. it was like christmas last night. >> did you get a lot of stuff? >> yeah. munchies, man. eat chicken nuggets and let us eat jail food. we eat better than her. she comes in wanting to eat our food. we eat better than her. >> what all did you order? >> chips and honey buns. >> i knew that would be the first thing that come out your mouth. >> chips and honey buns. all kinds of stuff. >> are they still lkinabout food? today croslin enters a not guilty plea to drug trafficking. some of the most serious drug charges that one can face. this isn't possession ofrugs. this isn't a single sale. this is drugs in the amount of drug trafficking. straight out to art harris, investigative journalist at
10:06 pm what's the latest, art? >> nancy, as you said, her lawyer, rort fields, entered a plea of not guilty. a written plea. she did not appear yesterday in st. john's county court. she is saying she had nothing to do with these drug trafficking charges that we have seen caught on tape, nancy. now in jail she is full of complaints. her mother is talking to her -- actually because her mother has served time for another charge on how to survive jail with the jail food. they're talking about how to get salt off pretzels to season certain items. >> i want to go out to our producer on the story. marlena, we hear misty cross lip on these secretly recorded jailhouse tapes, the one we just obtained today complaining about everything from her bed mattress to the food behind bars. i remember one night here on the show i was talking about the twins had dropped chicken nuggets in the car and i ate some. they are still talking about
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that. they are still talking about that versus what they eat behind bars. now, is it true that she has spent nearly $400 -- i don't know who is sending her this money -- in one month alone -- in about 28 days -- on junk food? >> she has spent $341 in one month on junk food, hand lotion, pencils, pads, stamps, anything. but also, nancy, aside from talking about food, she's also bragging -- >> not just what they're eating. what i'm eating. what universe are they living in? they are looking at 130 years behind bars unless somebody talks about what happened to that 5-year-old little girl. that is what this is about. this isn't whether she orders plain or barbecue chips. this is about what happened to 5-year-old haleigh. she was there in the home. you took us to the home. you walked us through e whole thing.
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liz, pull me that footage of marlena in the home. misty croslin says she goes to sleep. wakes up just a couple hours later and the girl is gone. gone. a 5-year-old girl vanishes out of her own bed and she knows nothing about it. then this freaky dream sequence she says she has about four men being there in the home that night. who? what four men? and then trying to blame a cousin, a cousin that left town when haleigh went missing. what else do you know, marlena? >> nancy, she actually knows more than what we're hearing. cops have said she's had inconsistent statements but just recently in these newly released videos we're hearing, nancy, that she knows more. she's telling family members that what she has to say is going to hurt two people. she doesn't specify who those two people are, but she's indicating that she knows something and she has something to say. >> you know what? let me go to jean casarez legal
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correspondent "in session." i don't think i've heard a bigger line of bs. i don't know if they taught you that in your law school. she's going to hurt two people. she's already ratted out her own brother on felony burglary for no reason whatsoever. >> nancy, i see a totally different state of mind in these brand-new tapes that you have just gotten. the previous tapes she never made one mention of haleigh. not one mention. it wasn't discussed. now it's a focal point of many of these tapes. she's now saying all she does is think about and cry about and talk about haleigh. >> i've never seen her cry one time including when ronald cummings was literally down on his knees wailing, crying about haleigh. she was just standing there. like nothing had happened. >> she reazes the camera is rolling and i think now she believes i've really got to talk about haleigh because this shows
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i know nothing. as far as cell mates, those can be jail house snitches. we all know that from trials. she may know that because she says all her cell mates know about her thoughts of haleigh. >> we're taking your calls live. straight to the lines. let's go to diane in florida. hi, diane. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> what's your question? >> caller: why was haleigh with the baby sitter and not her biological mom the night she went missing? >> i can answer that one, diane in florida. the bio mom, crystal sheffield, did not have custody. lost custody of haleigh and ronald cummings jr., the smaller boy, she'll tell you it's because the judge says she didn't have a job. i've never seen a mother lose custody because she didn't have a job. all right. right now ronald cummings jr. is back with the mother. i'll give you a report on how
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that is going. back out to the lines. carolyn in michigan. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> what's your question? >> caller: you're a godsend. if i ever go missing i tell my husband to call you. >> god forbid. yes. you know what? i will come to michigan and make a cameo appearance if you go missing. carolyn, i'll tell you another thing, if you go missing, you can tell your husband he better hide under the bed because i'm coming. >> caller: all right. >> what's your question, love? >> caller: i want to know, are you 100% convinced that ronald knows nothing about this little girl of his? i just don't uerstand him running with her and drug dealing. >> the only thing that i don't really understand, carolyn, is them frater nizing and more than frater nizing after haleigh goes missing because he told me himself that a lot of her story didn't fit together. let's go out to leonard padilla, bounty hunter. he offed to bail misty croslin
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out of jail if she sheds light on where haleigh is. of course she hasn't taken him up on that offer. what's your take on ronald cummings? to me his grief seemed genuine and he absolutely has an alibi for the time she went missing. >> i spoke to ron several times. in fact this one time i sat next to him while he was getting ready to go on your show. he seemed genuine but there was something that bothered me whether he had done something that caused the little girl to be kidnapped because possibly actions that he had, you know, taken or drug deal gone sour, something to that effect. there's always been something in the back of my mind. i can't really focus on it and say this is where ron is wrong or lying about.
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everybody on your block cool? >> if they ain't cool, they get up out of our residence. this is our residence, if they ain't cool, we get the guards to get them out of here.
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has your lawyer called or seen you? >> yesterday. i seen him yesterday. >> any good news? >> i mean, just whatever. doing the best we can. i take a shower right before -- >> don't think he's not working for you. he's working for you. >> oh, he is. i know he is. i was just upset the other day because the day it was it was the 9th and i was upset. i just wanted out here. if someone bails me out, that's fine. i'll get out, whatever.
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but no strings attached. if they're going to want to talk to me, no. don't bail me out. right now i'm serving time right now. i've been here 23 days. i am serving time on my sentence. i want to see if i can get drug court or something. i don't know if i can or not, but i'm going to try. >> i asked them not to play the news tonight because it was hard enough day for me today. what do they do? play the news. and they talk [ bleep ] about me. >> did you watch nancy? >> no. we watched the news. action news. >> what they say? >> that i'm still the key and, yeah, they don't have enough to arrest me on and all that [ bleep ]. i went to a counselor today because i specifically asked them not to play the news. today is a bad day for me. tomorrow will be a bad day, too.
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so i asked them please, okay, how hard is it to -- you know. >> yes, that's messed up. >> they won't let you under your blankets until 8:00? >> i've been under them all day and yesterday. it's only when you have the rude guards. some of the guards have something against me here sometimes. >> there probably is. >> i told my lawyer about it yesterday when he came to see me. >> what did he say? >> he told me to write -- get a thing and write to the jail and he will stand behind me because it's not right. >> no, it's not. >> they wouldn't even give me a razor, mom. >> if one gets one, they all should. >> ever since i've been here they've been giving me razors. yesterday i wasn't allowed to have one. that's ridiculous. >> after you use them, you have to turn them back into them, right? >> yeah. >> i don't see what the problem is. >> i'm not on no kind of watch or anything.
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>> i hate it that she's not getting to watch what she wants to watch on tv. we are taking your calls live. let's unleash the lawyers. joining us tonight, we have four attorneys. we have an attorney for equusearch founder tim miller and from the atlanta jurisdiction, raymond. did you hear her complaining that she didn't get to watch what she wanted to watch on tv? >> i heard it. i don't know why somebody who knows that they're being recorded is talking. it baffles me how she talks and talks and then talks some more. shut up. >> and the other thing, ray, i wonder if the state will find a way to use this at trial. i think if i thought on it long enough, i could.
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>> i think you could. >> wait. it's been over a year since little haleigh went missing and now that she's figured out the camera is rolling, or possibly rolling when she's talking, she suddenly wants a photo of haleigh after all this time. and tries to convince the relative i cry. i pray. >> i think her lawyer is doing a good job. even she's understanding he is. let me just say this much. the videotape where she's doing a drug pill count with the confidential informant is what will convict her and not her cookie count at the jail commissary. so while all this stuff is teresting and it makes people upset as to how she's responding, if i'm in the district attorney's office, it is those videotapes that gets me a conviction. >> it may mean nothing to you but her attitude behind bars says a lot to me. >> it absolutely does. as a prosecutor i'm going to love having those tapes and i'm
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sure they'll be able to use them in some way because it tells a lot about who she is and it's as much what she doesn't say as what she does. she's manipulative and playing for the cameras. i think it will all work against her in the end. >> i love her. i don't know why she's doing all that stupid [ bleep ] she's doing. >> it doesn't matter. the truth will set everybody free.
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look at my picture. did you see this picture? >> let me see. yeah, i got it. >> was you in the black hoodie when they arrested you? >> no. >> because that looked like a black hoodie. >> that was in putnam county. i look terrible in that picture. >> you look like a zombie there. >> i was so upset i was crying. i was pale.
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and then when i got here i was just, like, over it. i already knew i was going jail. i was over it. i ordered two pairs of socks and they only gave me one pair. they messed up my order. they had to put money back on my account. >> make sure they put your money back. >> they're going to. believe me. >> yeah. because that's not right if they didn't give you your stuff. >> yeah. >> what all did you order? >> chips and honey buns. >> i knew that was going to be the first thing to come out your mouth. >> chips and honey buns and all kinds of stuff. >> $400. nearly $400 on junk food. remember, breakfast, lunch, dinner paid for courtesy of you and me. patricia saunders, dr. saunders, clinical psychologist, is this an after effect of coming down off drugs or what? >> it could be an after effect of coming down off sugar.
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she's eating all this junk food. on the one hand, nancy, she knows she's being recorded. on the other hand the real person does come through with this kind of inane babbling. the kind of callousness and selfishness that was revealed in comments about what she looked like in the black hoodie are chilly and say a lot about who she is. >> what do you make of her suddenly asking for a photo of haleigh and going on and on about how she prays and cries but we've never seen her pray or cry or show any emotion about haleigh's disappearance >> i think a lawyer probably coached her. ?
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i told you you would like it there. >> i don't like it here. and i'll never come back to jail. one place i'll never come back to. this is not a joke. it's like torture in this place. really, it's not bad but when you're locked down like i'm locked down, it sucks. you can't do anything. i try to walk around. you can take four steps and
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you're at the bench. four steps back and you're at the wall. i want to just run. like get out and run. do some cartwheels. when we have break again, i know it's cold but i'm still going to go out there just for some fresh air. it's hard being locked down and they won't let me out. >> we called leonard last night and he's going to call us back sometime today. >> what is he saying? >> he said the only way he'll get you out is if you help him find out what happened to haleigh. >> how am i going to do that if he don't get me out? >> i know. he knows that. he'll call us back sometime today. have you tried to call him? >> no. >> let me give you his phone number. >> i don't have a pencil. >> i don't want you to lose your lawyer. >> what is he saying though? >> he just says that the only wahe's going to get you out is if you tell him where haleigh is and bring haleigh home.
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>> i can't just bring her home, you know. my back hurts so bad. i'm going to take some ibuprofen. >> what are you laying on? what kind of bed you got? >> i'm in a room now that has bunk beds bunobody else can can go in my room because i'm in protective custody but it's like a mat. >> so you got bunk beds? >> yeah. >> are you sleeping on the bottom? >> yeah. i sleep on the bottom. >> no one is in your room with you? misty? >> what? >> no one is in the room with you? >> no. nobody is allowed to. i'm in protective custody. when i go to the doctor, i'm under special needs. i'm a special need person. nobody can be around me.
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>> nancy grace is a bitch one time. >> what? >> nancy fwras is a bitch one time. nancy grace can kiss my ass one time. nancy grace, go eat your chicken nuggets and go eat your jail food because she thinks we eat better than her. she should come in here and eat our food and see if we eat better than her. >> that's nasty. eating chicken nuggets in the car. >> i wish i could have three chicken nuggets. her twins must have dropped them. >> what did he say? >> he said her twins mt have dropped them. >> he said her twins must have dropped them. >> yeah, her twins must have dropped them. >> she said she found them in the car. found three chicken nuggets in the car. that's all i had for lun.
10:34 pm
>> okay. >> probably had steak and potatoes. >> that's what i'm saying. i wish i could have some steak and potatoes. >> i wish you did, too, so you could quit talking about what you eat. okay out to the lines, kim in california. hi, kim. >> caller: hi, nancy. i'm thankful that i finally got through to you. >> thank you for watching and for calling in. what's your question, dear? >> caller: i think you're awesome. first of all, i have a question and a comment. my question is that i just wanted to ask you in the beginning of the case i know they stumbled upon a scent by a lake or a pond and i wanted to know if they ever followed up with that and my comment is that sometimes misty acts like she's in denial of where she's at and that is in jail and there are rules that she has to obey. it's not her little world anymore. i think she's in denial when it comes to that. >> that's a good point. what about it, dr. saunders?
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>> i think she sounds like she's in denial. it may have more to do with her character. she sure sounds like a nasty, spoiled adolescent. >> dr. saunders, does she look stoned to you? i know she asked to go to sick bay to get zoloft or prozac or something claiming she was nervous. i would be nervous too if i was looking at drug trafficking charges of 130 years behind bars. i heard her say she's done 23 days on that 130 years. her demeanor, she looks stoned. >> she looks like she's got some kind of alteration in consciousness. it's possible she was taking a med and she's coming off of it and getting withdrawal. but there's something clearly wrong there, nancy. >> art harris, i did not realize that she has a private room and is treated as special need and goes around saying i'm special. i just heard her say that.
10:36 pm
and out of two beds she can't find one that's comfortable. she's got a bunk bed and neith one -- it's like the princess and the pea. >> that's right, nancy. the thing is she's delighted with the upper bunk because that's where she watches television from and she says it's a great seat. best seat in the house. >> okay. good to know. out to the lines, denise in canada. hi, dear. >> caller: hi, nancy. i just want to say i wish we had someone like you up here. it would be great. >> denise, i appreciate that. i'm going to save that. when the twins turn 16 and they hate me, i'll play that for them. >> caller: they won't hate you. >> what's your question, love? >> caller: i have a comment and then a question. my comment is that misty croslin obviously has been into drugs for a while, and i really think that the night that that little girl went missing that she was doing drugs, and if she was doing the narcotics that she was doing, she could have been in a state of just completely out of it. almost comatose. i really think it's possible
10:37 pm
that someone could have come into that home and taken that child and she didn't even know or she's very, very faint on the memories of it. i really think that she really doesn't know what's happened and i'm wondering if she could possibly be regressed because that's kind of drugs will do this to you. >> out to mark nejame, defense attorney and specialist in florida law. mark, that evening she had been on a three-day drunk and drug binge. she had come back home to ronald cummings. they had conversations. she said she did laundry that night. i mean, her explanation for that evening and when she was on the phone with 911 she sounded completely coherent. >> i agree. her statements have been riddled with inconsistencies and the last caller has a very popular theory which has been adopted by many.
10:38 pm
i just don't buyt. the phone call she sounded sane and sober. when the police responded she appeared to be that way. there's nothing to indicate that she was in drug induced haze other than some theories but when you look at her and when you listen to her, there's a disconnect there. i believe that she knows something and she was conscious and she is just holding back. i'm just not convinced. >> i'm with you. and to you, art harris, investigative journalist. the fact that she flunked outright flunked her polygraph, if she had no memory, i don't believe she would have flunked the polygraph. it was deceptive. in other words, she was actively lying in the polygraph about that night. >> that's right, nancy. i can tell you that my sources say she's told police mething about that night, and they believe part of it. they don't believe all of it. they still believe she knows something very significant.
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>> to me it's very persuasive. it wasn't just inconsistent. her lie detector she flunked miserably. we're taking your calls live to tonight's case alert. amber alert. two little boys missing, kidnapped, illinois, in the last hour. jamarcus and terry smith snatched from their decatur, illinois, home. the infant boy black hair, brown eyes last seen with a blue one-piece jumper. look at this precious child. the 4-year-old, black hair, black eyes, last seen wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. police on the lookout for two males. dark coloring, missouri tags. if you have information, please call decatur, illinois, police. 217-424-2711. tonight we ask for your prayers for high schooler trey rude battling stage 4 melanoma. a high school senior, a
10:40 pm
football star says he'll beat cancer. for info go to also, the annual jog for a cause fighting childhood cancer benefiting the trey fund. trey, please stay strong.
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i wish we could get you out of there. >> it's all right. i'm doing time right now. >> i bet you got some friends in there. >> yeah, it's like me being in here, you know, if i could get out i would love to get out. of course. i'm not doing that. all they want is something. there's nothing to give him.
10:44 pm
>> that's what robert fields told me, too. >> and if i get out and someone bails me out, that's fine. >> as long as there's no attachments. >> yeah. and right now i've been in here 22 days or 23 days. >> 23. >> 23 days. that's time on my, you know, on my sentence already. >> yeah. so you're not scared now, right? >> no. i'm not scared. it sucks being in here. i get bored. i'm tired of looking at the same thing. >> tomorrow they're going to be doing that big thing for haleigh. >> yeah, i know. >> i don't know what it is. >> it's at 6:00. i wonder if i can get out and call my mom and them when they're there. >> i think tomorrow night around 6:00. >> i wonder if i could call my mom when they're there when they're praying.
10:45 pm
>> yeah, you know. i pray for her every day. >> i prafor her every day. day and night. i pray all the time. like answer myrayers. just get this over with, you know. >> when i first got here i was on medical watch because when i went to talk to the detectives and i smoked a couple cigarettes, i didn't smoke a cigarette in a couple days and i passed out and fell on the ground. >> oh, no. i didn't know that. >> i didn't really pass out. i just fainted for a minute. i come right back when i hit the ground. >> that fall made you come back to. >> it did. you know, it's like, what really hurts is, like, me and
10:46 pm
him were talking about it. we were getting back together and stuff and the cops [ bleep ] everything up. >> that's what they were trying to do. >> i stayed at his house. he picked me up every day. >> here you hear misty croslin talk about ronald cummings and her getting back together and the cops f'd it up by arresting her. to bill, private detective, bill, thank you for being with us. bill, with a case like this, where can cops go now? >> okay, the case is a year old. usually in cases that are extended to this period of time without a resolution, it's best to go back to the beginning with a fresh set of eyes. go back. there is usually things that occurred, information that came to pass early on in the investigation that was insignificant at that point in time but now looking back at it, it will probably be an important element in the whole investigative process. i think it would be a good thing
10:47 pm
for them to go back and review the case from day one. usually in situations like that, they will come up with information that becomes very beneficial. now in terms of her talking to her parents or mother and other relatives in anticipation of her giving up some information, listen, she spent her entire life talking to family members giving them a con job that they bought hook, line and sinker. she's not going to stop doing that now. she's going to tell them whatever she wants and they kind of believe her. i don't expect any kind of revelation coming out of conversations with family members over the telephone. if at all if the parents were willing to cooperate with the police, then clearly the police can create some kind of a dialogue for the mother to ask specific questions relating to a particular area. >> good point. with me bill majeski.
10:48 pm
to the physician and professor of public health at johns hopkins. she says she passes out from smoking a cigarette. i don't think so. she looks stoned out of her gourd. >> sounds like alcohol abuse and narcotic use. >> behind bars? >> you can get drugs in any jail in this country i'm convinced. there's no way it's just from cigarettes. it's something beyond simple cigarettes. we know there's a long standing narcotic history and we know these are highly addictive medications. there's a reason why you can get up to 25 years in jail for falsifying a oxycodone prescription. they kill people. people pass out when they have withdraw symptoms and they are very dangerous medications. >> let's unleash the lawyers. we're taking your calls live. ray, we also hear her go on to say she's getting all sorts of mail behind bars and that she may write some of the people back so they'll send her money. i guess so she can get more junk food.
10:49 pm
my question is, since the state is going to have to pay for her defense attorney, why does she get to spend that money on honey buns and barbecue chips? >> she's being treated exactly as every practiisoner in that j in that president on. >> why does anybody get to spend that mey from the public? >> ask the jail and sheriff that runs it. i don't run the jail. ask the jailer. he's elected. or she's elected. that's the rules. >> he's right. she's being treated the same as everybody else in jail right now. >> i didn't ask that. i think it's important. it doesn't seem right that she cons people out of people she writes. she gets money and spends it on $400 worth of snack food in one month. anna, when we are having to pay her bill. >> exactly. if she has all of this extra money, maybe she should give it to a fund that can look for haleigh or do something
10:50 pm
productive with that money ratherhan getting honey buns and chips all day long. >> tonight secretly recorded jailhouse video and we learn misty croslin pleads not guilty to charges. as we go to break, happy birthday to one of our stars. newlywed eunah. here she is on her recent wedding. happy birthday, happy birthday. eunah!
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i'm brooke anderson. this is a "showbiz tonight" news break. here's what's coming up 'on "showbiz tonight" at the top of the hour. explosive brand new confessions from michael jackson's body
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guards. never-before-heard details of michael being a dad. and hollywood's biggest bachelor's tamed? simon cowell, george clooney, who are the women who have tamed hollywood's mysterious playboys? that starts at the top of the hour. straight out to florida attorney, mark, did you hear her talking about trying to get into drug court? what does that mean? >> she has no chance whatsoever of getting into drug court. unless those roads are cut off and she understands that drug court is not an option. probation is not an option and she's looking at a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison, she's holding on to hope. there's no chance of getting the truth until she realizes that 25 is where it starts and nowhere it ends. >> art, final thought? >> the hammer has yet to fall on
10:55 pm
her and you're going to see some big fireworks between the district attorney and the judge and then she will face the truth. >> what do you mean the hammer hadn't fallen yet? she doesn't get it? >> she thinks she's going to drug court which is for addicts or users or one-time sale and you get probation, treatment and you're out of there. that's not going to happen. >> experts think it's -- she's not going to have a wake-up call until she gets the sentence you've been discussing. >> jeanne, we've all listened to the newly-received newly-released jailhouse recordings. what strikes you the most? >> the difference in demeanor. i agree with what art harris said. i think she's enjoying jail at the moment because of all the things she's buying at the commissary. she says she's the star in the jail. she's the star, misty croslin. art is right, i think the hammer will fall. but right now she's enjoying her time. >> we have so much to play we didn't even get to play that
10:56 pm
tonight. where she goes on about how she a star. >>s that right. she's saying that she has nothing to say about anything but i think she's not facing the reality and the reality is -- she's a star. >> and to california bounty hunter, leonard padilla, joining us from sacramento. leonard, she has a few choice words for you and says absolutely, i'm not going to take bond from somebody that has strings attached. in other words, wants me to tell the truth about haley. no way. that really struck a nerve with me. >> it's a situation where her attorney has obviously told her, look, anything you give up, could turn and bite you. so don't say anything to him. and if that's what the deal is, don't go for it. she's only been in there a year. >> it's not like people are beating her door down to bond her out, leonard. >> no, they're not. no, they're not. nobody else can handle a big
10:57 pm
bond like that except our company and the thing is that right now she's only been in there a year and it's a new thing for her. she's the star of the jail. but eventually, it's goi to start getting to her and if she's not guilty or culpable of anything, then she's going to be able to come to her senses and say, get me out of here. he's what we need. >> leonard padilla, let's stop and remember army sergeant casey nash. killed in iraq aworded the bronze star purple heart, arm commendations national defense medal. lfd football, baseball, baltimore ravens, tinkering with high-tech gadgets, restores cars. leaves behind parents, sister sarah casey nash, american hero. thanks to our guests but especially to you for being with us. see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend.
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